May 7, 2024

7 Dining Étiquettes You Must Know

7 Dining Étiquettes You Must KnowWhether meeting colleagues over a business lunch or taking your family for a family dinner, knowing the basic dining etiquette can make your experience much more enjoyable and memorable. Good manners at the table ensure that each meal is delicious and gracefully enjoyed. 

Especially, when you are at your favourite seafood restaurant on a date with someone special, your dining etiquette is going to make a good impression on them. After all, dining out is about much more than just food, it’s about creating moments that last. 

7 Dining Étiquettes You Must Know

Enjoying a meal at a fine restaurant is so much more than just savouring the food. From the moment you take your seat to the time you bid farewell to the table, certain dining etiquettes can significantly refine the sophistication of your meal. 

Here are 7 essential dining etiquettes that everyone should know- 

1. Napkin Know-how

As soon as you are seated, unfold your napkin and place it on your lap. The napkin should only be used for gently dabbing your mouth and must rest on your chair if you need to leave the table temporarily. When the meal is finished, loosely place the napkin to the left of your plate, never on top of any used utensils.

2. The Silverware Signals

Silverware is typically arranged in the order of use- from the outside in. Start with the cutlery furthest from your plate and work your way towards it as the meal progresses. Remember, once a piece of cutlery has been used, it should not touch the table again. If you’re pausing but not finished eating, cross your fork and knife on your plate to signal this to the server.

3. The Art of Passing

Always pass dishes to your left, and if someone asks for the salt or pepper, pass both together, even if only one was requested. This keeps the set together for anyone else who might need it.

4. The Bread Break

Bread should be torn into smaller pieces rather than bitten directly from the whole slice. Butter a piece just before you eat it, rather than buttering the entire slice or a large portion of it.

5. Soup Savvy

When eating soup, scoop the soup away from you to avoid spilling. Quietly sip from the side of the spoon, it’s not polite to insert the whole spoon into your mouth. Also, never blow on your soup if it is hot.

6. Conversational Courtesy

Keep the table talk light and pleasant, avoiding controversial topics or overly personal conversations. It’s polite to engage with all guests at the table, so make sure to include everyone in the conversation.

7. Handling Mishaps Gracefully

If you accidentally spill something, quietly ask for assistance and apologise to those affected. It’s important not to make a scene and disrupt the dining experience for others.

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